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MLH Services(a SDVOSB certified by NVBDC), provides a wide range of profit enhancing print on-demand, fulfillment, advertising and distributive marketing communications services as well as creating, managing, and fulfillment of corporate brand recognition and incentive/motivational programs and promotional products.

Marketing and Creative Services•    

Marketing strategy and tactical program development and implementation (Software as a Solution)

• Program identity with localization and control

 • Broad array of creative services Concept and design for flyers, ads, posters, direct mail communications: such as letters, online media, email, PURLs, presentations, and proposals.

• All production related tasks including printing, assembly and shipping data management, data capture, analysis, and tracking

• Reporting

• Online design and delivery mechanisms

• Brand Compliance Order Creation

• A Web-based desktop platform (SaaS)

• Provides users with an easy, intuitive way to see and personalize pre-determined creative pieces

• A creative desktop management tool, providing an electronic library of both personalized and non-personalized creative archiving Fulfillment Services

• Software designed for distributed marketers

• Digital Asset Management capabilities

• Dynamic templates

• Integrated workflow for creative development and approval

• Integration with creative tools

• Searchable access to digital assets and digital asset metadata

Creating, managing, and fulfillment of corporate brand recognition and incentive/motivational programs


Additional Information

Self Certify Yes

Military Service US Marines

How Did You Find Us? Original VBN

Years of Service 1960-1969

Self Certify 1234556


3900 South Wadsworth Blvd
Suite 625
Denver, Colorado 80235
United States

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  • US Marine Corps
  • US Navy
  • Better Business A+

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