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Reflections from Steve White, CoFounder of the VBN 


How will the business community change post-corona virus?


I think that we can all agree that our world has changed since pre-corona virus and will be different post corona virus.  But how will this change in our new health conscience society affect businesses.

We already see plastic shields in front of cashiers and counter folks that serve as sneeze shields as they do on salad bars. They may or may not become fixed objects but as a business owner or manager your job will be to convince your customers that your facility is a safe and germ free environment…that you clean your facility with Zoono products that protects all surfaces for up to 30 days….the date of last cleaning being  clearly posted.

Restaurants and food service firms are routinely inspected by various health departments. Inspections are also done on a scheduled basis with posted signs on elevators, escalators, smoke alarms, fire escapes, limits of patrons, etc. so why not be proactive and post your own signs and advertise the fact that your facility is a germ free environment.

If your business is a retail enterprise where you expect customers to enter your establishment you are obviously in competition with many others…how about an office building? Don’t you think that the office workers care about whether their building is clean or not? No business that caters to the public will survive and prosper unless their customers feel comfortable in their facility. 

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