Making the Internet Work for Veterans

Every day, more people are looking for veteran owned businesses to support with their daily purchases. The Veterans Business Network (VBN) is a nationwide business directory where you can be found by those consumers, including other Veteran Owned Businesses, starting today.

What Types of Services Are Found on the VBN?

Consumers are looking to support veteran-owned businesses in these categories and more

Benefits of Joining the Veterans Business Network

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A dedicated list of Veteran Owned Business across the United States.

A large and ever-expanding network for all of your business or hiring needs, it’s our mission at the VBN to facilitate Veterans doing business with Veterans.



FREE events featuring talks, information and networking opportunities.

Join today to experience a one-of-a-kind network that could help you get a leg up in today’s business world, at no cost whatsoever.



Direct line to sponsors and major companies who are interested in strengthening veterans.

With your membership you’ll gain access to business advice, deals from other Veteran Owned Businesses, help with promoting your own business and a supportive community of people who have been in your shoes, and still are!

About The VBN

Born to serve Veterans

The Veteran’s Business Network is the best location to find resources for veterans concerning small business practices, finding employment and supportive business to work with as well as connecting with a nation wide network of Veterans.

Through the VBN, Veterans are connected to a community of like-minded professionals dedicated to helping with private industry re-integration while encouraging the American entrepreneurial spirit.


Proud Members of the VBN

“When we need products or services we prefer to use a Veteran owned business to fulfill that need. Being a part of VBN gives us a quick and reliable way to find those businesses.”

Michelle Mallin

Executive Director & Co-Founder, Honor Bell Foundation

“I am a great fan of the Veterans Business Network, check them out and support a veteran with your next business need!”

Ryan Kagy

Owner, TheCreators Branding Boutique

“Thank you and the veteran business network for helping veterans to grow their business”


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