Care Coordination of America


CCA is focused on creation of a “job board” model of communication between the provider of care and the receiver of care, the patient. 

  • The job board model of communication is like the “Uber model” of real time connectivity and scheduling of health care services.   
  • This cloud-based model of real time connectivity is supported by a GPS tracking of service time and delivery.   
  • The application and synergy between our advanced connectivity and real time scheduling technology and care model will provide resources for the healthcare continuum utilizing telemedicine and in-home monitoring. 
  • Our proprietary change management processes will further leverage the technology advances. 
  • Bringing people and technologies together with the result being enhanced service delivery to the consumer of health care and at the same time reduce cost.


Additional Information

Certify That you were in the Service Yes

Military Service US Air Force

How Did You Find Us? New York SVDBOC


42373 Anchor Court
Michigan 48167
United States


  • Transitional Health Care
  • Focus is on the Patient and Physician experience
  • Improved Bottom Line and Client Satisfaction
  • US Airforce
  • Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business

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