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Chandler’s Seasonings recipes are time tested and customer approved. Handcrafted by Charles and Gwen Chandler at Chandler’s Deli Restaurant in Knoxville, TN for almost 20 years. This has earned us East Tennessee's Best Meat and Three, Soul Food, Best Comfort Food for 10 consecutive years. We've been featured on HLN with Coy Wire, ESPN Taste of the Town twice and many times on local news stations. Our current and produced seasonings consist of cabbage seasoning, low sodium cabbage seasoning and sweet potato seasoning. We are in the process of having our other seasonings produced which include cornbread dressing mix, meatloaf seasoning, beef seasoning, potato soup mix, pork seasoning and a pig feet and chitlin’ seasoning. We use to only have a majority of chitlin' sells in the winter but now people eat them year round. Our customers pay $21.65 for a pint of chitlin's and $8.00 for 6 oz. they don't blink at the price because the seasoning is that good!
Our cabbage and sweet potatoes are big sellers at the restaurant. The seasonings we have are all natural and have no MSG. We are also on shelves at Smoky Mountain Knife Works the larges Knife store. We sell our seasonings at Smoky Mountain Flea Market “the largest flea market in TN”. Every week our sells get better and better because we are able to give samples and people (kids and adults) are shocked to see how good we can make cabbage and sweet potatoes taste. We intend to go from an 8 oz bottle to 100 lbs and everything in between if necessary.


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