Promoting veteran business growth


Besides providing our unique patform for VOB/SDVOBs to promote themselves, we at the VBN produce custom publications that supports business growth, introduces VOB/SDVOBs to corporations and organizations that want to buy from veterans. We will also soon be hosting networking events across the country.....the internet is cool but face to face is a great way to do business!.

We provide all of our services free of charge to our veteran members and for all you corporate types that say that they want to buy from veterans, we will give you the platform to tell us what you want, give you the opportuinty to advertise on our site and also in our publications. Registering on your Supplier DIversity web site just is not enough!

So if you want to really be a part of VOB/SDVOB growth give me a call or send me an email. You can sponsor of our events, advertise with us in various ways, and who knows might even feel lgoo about it!.

Additional Information

Certify That you were in the Service Yes

Military Service US Army

How Did You Find Us? Original VBN

Years of Service 1966-1970


77 Moriches Island Road
PO Box 791
New York 11940
United States

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