As leaders it’s important to recognize a simple formula:

Our thoughts become our beliefs that influence our behaviors.

With a pandemic, the runup to a heated election, and the numerous media outlets clamoring for our attention, this might be time to consider a media diet.
Just as we can be intentional about the food we choose to eat, we can also be intentional about the type, and how much, media we consume.  We’re not sure about you, but one thing we noticed fairly early in the pandemic, is that our screen time averages went way up.  We’ve been on a journey to keep it in check, and to resist absorbing endless content without questioning its accuracy, slant, bias, and value. 
Studies have shown that heavy social media and rolling news consumption decreases our mental well-being.  It’s not zero media that improves your emotional health, it’s an intentional media diet that keeps you informed and steady.  We hunger for ideas.  Our brains crave engagement.  Here are tips for a balanced media diet: 

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