The Gifts of a Crisis

Just for a moment, we want you to take all that is negative, difficult, and frustrating about this pandemic and set it aside.  (We know that’s hard to do.) 
We now want you to think of challenges and trials in your life that, looking back, you appreciate because of what you learned from the experience.  Those benefits are the gifts of a crisis.  We know that there are going to be gifts from this COVID crisis, too.
In order to be stronger and more resilient because of this pandemic, we have to lead ourselves through this moment.  At Lead Star, we’re committed to providing you the right guidance and inspiration to do just that.
Join us this Wednesday at 1 pm ET for our Gifts of a Crisis webinar – it’s a virtual session and 100% free.  If you’ve got a conflict with the time, register and we’ll send you the link post-event. 

Register by clicking here

You’ll want to join us for this 30-minute session where we talk about:
  • What we’re learning about work and life amidst this pandemic
  • How to lead yourself through a challenging experience in a way that allows you to grow
  • How to take what you’re learning about you and start planning to apply it to your post-pandemic life
All are welcome, so please forward to any colleagues or friends you feel will benefit from this learning event.  We can’t wait to “see” you this Wednesday.
Our best,
Angie and Courtney