My Friends,

You might not know this, but I really appreciate your support and advice during this pandemic. Post March 11, 2020, all of our contracts were cancelled or postponed. We lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We didn't give up.

We kept digging.

We pivoted slightly to focus on our book and develop a masterclass and live Q & A offering for our clients. Business is back and we are gaining momentum again.

Thank you.

Your support reassured the entire team. We took your advice and feedback and it worked out. Some of the best advice I've ever been given is to not "take criticism from people you would never go to for advice."

I went to you and I will continue going to you for advice.


Jason B.A. Van Camp

Chairman, Mission Six Zero




What Our Critics & Readers Are Saying

“Blunt and Inspiring. This is a powerful book that tackles a touchy subject; yet does not offend. It provides us an enlightened path which challenges us to break free of the chains that you unknowingly place on yourself and embrace discomfort! You have nothing to lose but your own misery.”

RYAN LEAFNFL Quarterback
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